Church Bells Ringing

Living on a mountain surrounded by trees is my life right now and I am humbled as I sit here in my living room. With the windows open and the curtains pulled back I am blessed to hear the church bells ringing(the kids were outside either reading or playing). There is a church about a mile from from my home that plays it’s church bells every day in the morning, afternoon and evening. I love to swing on the front porch and take in my beautiful surroundings while I listen to the tune. I am always reminded at how lovingly the Lord made our world. He paid such attention to detail that normally doesn’t occur to most people. Like the way the autumn colors complement each other perfectly. Or how the mountains seem to reach on forever, trying to touch the sky. Oh how wonderful it is to have such a gracious God to give us this beautiful and glorious world when so many don’t appreciate it’s splendor.

I don’t have a recent picture with the fall colors(still missing camera cord) so I’m putting up this one I took while we drove around the Cullasaja Gorge this summer.

In His Hands,



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