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What’s Cookin’ ?

Orange chicken, fried rice and egg rolls

For my daughter’s birthday dinner it was requested that she have orange chicken, her favorite Chinese dish. So I went to scouring the internet for a healthy homemade version of orange chicken, fried rice and egg rolls. After a couple of minutes looking through different blogs, not finding exactly what I wanted, I went to my trusty All Recipes website. I love All Recipes….don’t you? I had made the egg rolls before and already had it saved to my recipe box so I just needed to find the others.

I first started the orange sauce so the chicken could marinate in the fridge while I was preparing the rest. I used the Asian Orange Chicken recipe and stayed pretty close to the directions except by adding more fresh squeezed orange juice and some pulp. We ended up frying it in the leftover peanut oil from the egg rolls.(not so healthy, but delicious)

I started making the fried rice recipe, House Fried Rice when the chicken began to marinate. I eliminated the meats,  just using shrimp and didn’t have any green pepper on hand. Leftovers is what I wanted , so I made a triple batch and when it was time to eat I re-fried the rice in sesame oil to make it more authentic and crispy, yum!

I used this Best Egg Rolls recipe with a little modification. I didn’t add any pork(we had meat in the other two dishes so why do we need more, I say?) and used the slaw mix bag from the produce section(so easy). It turned out scrumptious and I had a hard time keeping hands away from ‘testing’ them. 😉

After all of that hard work I was eager to taste my efforts and let me tell you….it was worth it! Kyra loved it and said it was better than at the food court(where she usually has it) and the boys claim that they are going to request it for their birthdays this year too! There are some mommy points there, right? 😀

So if you are in the mood for some Asian fare, go ahead and treat your family to some homemade orange chicken, fried rice and egg rolls!

This is the culinary scientist signing off,


New Year, New Life-Gluten Free

In the beginning of December our family decided to start living a gluten free lifestyle. For us the decision was based on family history, science and symptoms. I started out by trying to use what foods we already had and only purchasing gluten free foods to bring back into the home. This would give us some time for our bodies to adjust from being a whole wheat family to not ingesting any, also for our budget (who can throw food away?). When my sister-in-law heard of our plans she asked if I would co-author a blog about gluten free living. You see, she was recently diagnosed with Celiac Disease and wanted to share her trials and triumphs by blogging. I loved her ideas for the blog and agreed write my experiences and what I’ve learned and will learn. The blog’s name is Jokes On You(if you read our About the Crew page, you’ll understand why that’s it’s name).  I just wrote another article and thought I would share it with you at

Hope you enjoy it.

Enjoying Life,

Knitting Life…So Far

As I shared with you several months ago, I have just begun learning to knit. So what do you think my family received for Christmas this year? Hats! Yes, I have been a woman on a mission the past couple of months in order to complete my gift giving. And that is the reason I am giving for my absence on this blog, although there are many more excuses I could give. 😉 So I have made a total of 20 hats, 4 scarves and 1 pair of fingerless mittens. Whew! The thing that I wish I did was to take a picture of the projects before mailing them out. You know what they say about hind-sight, right? Well my vision is clearing up and I’m going to try harder to share each project with pictures.

Until next time,