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It’s Back to Homeschool Time

We have started the fourth year in our homeschooling journey and just finished our first week back. This year I am focusing on the Charlotte Mason’s teachings that I have been reading. In previous years we dabbled in some of her ideas and used Ambleside’s reading lists and now we are using the Ambleside Online curriculum fully. At the end of last week I asked how the kids thought about our shift of learning and it was an overwhelming “Yah!”. Kyra even commented “I love it!”. So not only was I feeling super excited and full-filled, the kids were learning and loving it! Let’s face it….how often do Moms have all their kids and themselves enjoying something at the same time?

Learning and Loving It,



What “I’ll Make Dinner Tonight” Really Means

This morning after I was completely awake(not a morning person here) my mind went to one of it’s daily ponderings….dinner. As I mentioned this dilemma to my husband, he says “I’m making dinner tonight”. Well, you should’ve seen my eyes dance and smile light up at the sound of not having to make dinner. “Wow, thank you honey” was all I could say(not that he does it so infrequent, it was just perfect timing). The day goes on while the crock-pot simmers(yes, my man knows how to use it) and the wonderful aroma fills the home. Then it’s almost time for dinner. Hubby says, in so many words, that he doesn’t feel like making the rice. “Maybe we could just have tortilla chips with it?” He looks at me knowing that I wouldn’t want it and I answer “Fine(with a sigh and a smile), I’ll make the rice”. So what does I’ll make dinner really mean at 10 am in the morning? It means that they will put something in the crock-pot and not worry about it. And maybe when dinnertime comes….they will finish it. LOL!

Wild Turkeys in Our Yard

The front porch is a common place while doing lessons and this morning was no different. As we wound up our first week of homeschool we spied wild turkeys on the lawn. Kyra saw them first and grabbed my attention and I hurried to let the boys know what was going on. There were at least 20 in this flock of wild turkeys! The family got a kick out of seeing them since we’ve only seen domestic turkeys on farms, at zoos and on our Thanksgiving table. Yum! Brian just smacked his lips and wished it was hunting season already. Unfortunately I didn’t think about taking a picture until they had already disappeared into the adjoining woods of the property. Oh well, maybe I’ll be more on the ball next time.

These are the memories that homeschooling allow us to take part in! Gotta love homeschooling!!

Making Memories,


Meet My Best Friend

The Crock-Pot!

I love my crock-pot! I am not a meal planner at heart so being able to throw something together that will magically conjure up a meal for my family is a blessing. It helps me to be able to prepare a healthy meal for my family without the hassle of remembering when to start it. I don’t know about you but I have difficulty remembering when I need to start dinner most days. I even put a reminder on my phone to help. But alas, if I don’t have my phone on me constantly then I don’t hear it.  Ugh!

Our family likes food. When we do go out to eat, it isn’t at the same restaurant every time as some do. We enjoy a variety of food and we make a variety of food from different cultures. My kids are connoisseurs, too. They were not raised with the same foods every day growing up and I attribute that to them having missed the ‘I won’t eat that’ stage.  I have lots of cookbooks and the internet to search for what our hearts(or my) desire is that day. But most of the time I take a look at what I have and make my own creation. So we hardly ever eat the same thing twice! Sure we have our ‘taco night’ and ‘spaghetti night’ and a few other dishes that I periodically make, I’m no Martha Stewart you know!

So I’ll share what I concocted tonight in the hopes that others out there might need the same kind of help that I do.

We’ll call it….Choccoliflower and Rice:

2 Cups chicken broth

1 can cream of mushroom soup

1 can cream of chicken soup

5 chicken breasts(cut in slices or chunks)

1 package each of frozen broccoli and cauliflower

1/2 an onion

2 tsp garlic

2 Tbsp Mrs. Dash Table Blend

salt and pepper to taste

Place all but frozen vegetables in slow cooker, on low for 6 hours. Add frozen vegetables and place on high for last 1-2 hours(depending on how you like your vegetables). Then 30 minutes before dinner make enough rice for your family and enjoy!

All measurements of time and food are approximate. (Feeds family of 8)

P.S. I usually cook my rice in broth to give it that extra kick!! POW!!:)

Happy Eating, 


Something to think about….

“When home is ruled according to God’s word, angels might be asked to stay with us, and they would not find themselves out of their element.” Charles Spurgeon

When I think about this quote it brings a smile to my face. I envision my family sitting around a fireplace telling stories under blankets while sipping mugs of homemade hot cocoa. It’s so Norman Rockwell, I know. But the truth is that we don’t have a fireplace and the kids would find some way to pick on each other, interrupting the story, while I am scolding the hot cocoa on the stove. And yet, I am inspired to continue in our training. As parents we have to be obedient and consistently teach our children what is right and wrong. Parents have no greater calling than to diligently teach their children according to God’s word.

Hello blogging world!

This will be my feeble attempt to communicate the goings on in my brain full of spaghetti. I don’t know about you but I love spaghetti and so do my kids. The way the noodles fall off the fork and you twirl and twirl to get them back on….so fun! Anyways…my interests are varied; I live for the Lord, encourage my husband, homeschool our four children; I am a book junky, a healthy living nut keen on simple living, herbal student and recipe tester. And I don’t get paid for any of it!

I invite you to walk along the path of bloggerville with me and smell the stuffy air, touch the brittle keys and look outside your window!

From one life to another,