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Church Bells Ringing

Living on a mountain surrounded by trees is my life right now and I am humbled as I sit here in my living room. With the windows open and the curtains pulled back I am blessed to hear the church bells ringing(the kids were outside either reading or playing). There is a church about a mile from from my home that plays it’s church bells every day in the morning, afternoon and evening. I love to swing on the front porch and take in my beautiful surroundings while I listen to the tune. I am always reminded at how lovingly the Lord made our world. He paid such attention to detail that normally doesn’t occur to most people. Like the way the autumn colors complement each other perfectly. Or how the mountains seem to reach on forever, trying to touch the sky. Oh how wonderful it is to have such a gracious God to give us this beautiful and glorious world when so many don’t appreciate it’s splendor.

I don’t have a recent picture with the fall colors(still missing camera cord) so I’m putting up this one I took while we drove around the Cullasaja Gorge this summer.

In His Hands,



Plan It-Don’t Panic…a 6 week meal planning challenge

Keeper of the Home is one of the websites that I follow and she just started a 6 week meal planning challenge called Plan It-Don’t Panic. I will attempt to ‘keep up’ with my meal planning and post it every week for 6 weeks. I’m such a moody cook that I really needed this challenge to help me better budget my time and our money. Disclaimer- I am only planning ahead dinners. The countdown begins….this is week one.


Monday: Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup with buttered focaccia bread

Tuesday: Spare Ribs with baked potatoes and peas

Wednesday: Shepherd’s Pie(will use leftovers from Monday and Tuesday nights dinner together with lots of veggies to make this meal very economical) If there’s not a lot of meat I add some dried beans.

Thursday: Chicken Casserole

Friday: Spaghetti with homemade sauce and homemade garlic bread


Happy Meal Planning!


Friday Night Family Movie for Free

Last Friday I was searching for a movie on Netflix and I remembered about the free family movie offered on The Homeschool Channel. So I looked on their website and found that The Sugar Creek Gang- The Great Canoe Fish was the free movie offered that night. I had heard of The Homeschool Channel for a while but never had the chance(mostly due to my lack of memory)to thoroughly check it out. As the kids played I went on the website to take a tour of the website. The first thing I noticed was that it has a video streaming on the front page, so I watched Ken Ham talk about dinosaurs(very informative, by the way). The next thing I noticed was the comments on the left sidebar. Most websites don’t receive much feedback in the comments field, this site was different . The comments were diverse and spanned from complimenting the site, to commenting on a particular video, to a thought that someone wanted to share. Below the streaming video is a calendar for the weeks schedule of videos or classes and one for the following week. And not only do they have streaming video, they also have on demand videos. The selection is incredible: science experiments, homeschooling high school, unit studies, crafts, etc. The Homeschool Channel also has it’s own community. You can log on and have your own page with inbox. There are blogs that have great information and a forum to ask questions and interact with others. I can’t recommend this free resource any higher for quality and content.

After perusing the site and watching Ken Ham the time came for the family movie. The kids and I sat down with our homemade kettle corn in hand-ready to enjoy the movie. We really enjoyed the movie and are looking forward to tonight’s Homeschool Family Movie Night movie The Sugar Creek Gang- The Race Against Nightfall.

Movie Mom,


My love for scrapbooking has been reawakened and starting this Saturday I will begin a series on digital scrapbooking. I will be sharing information that I have gained in pursuing this hobby and sometimes it might be a new scrapbook page that I have put together. Looking forward to comments and suggestions from others so don’t be shy!


How Long Does it Take to Learn to Knit?

This weekend I got it in my head to finally learn how to knit. I taught myself how to crochet many years ago and love it so Saturday I watched a couple of free videos on the internet and started on a scarf. Casting on was fairly easy for me to get down(I could cast on all day long) but by the end of the first hour I had redone my scarf numerous times trying to get the knitting stitches even. I couldn’t find a comfortable placement of the yarn and needle and my patience was getting worn. I tried wrapping around each finger numerous ways and still ended up dropping the needle out of the stitches at times. Talk about frustration! Thoughts of giving up for the night fluttered in my mind. At one time my husband looked at me over his computer and claimed “you’re so cute!” with a big grin. The look I gave him obviously didn’t work because he then started laughing.

By hour two I had figured out the knitting stitch. On to the purl stitch I went, feeling like I could conquer anything. Well that feeling didn’t last long! I thought I was doing it right but when I had to knit over my previous purl stitches things didn’t look so good. It was like the stitches were multiplying! Oh my, what did I do? I kept at it and watched another video…aha! I saw what I was doing wrong and promptly corrected it. So by the end of a couple of hours I had about 2 inches of my scarf done after starting it more than 20 times(no exaggeration here). The next day I continued the scarf with very little harassment from the yarn or needle and added a couple more inches to my lovely scarf.

So does it take only two hours to learn to knit? Not for me, at least. You see it was around two years ago when I first said to myself “I would like to learn how to knit”. It took me a year and a half to buy the knitting needles and many months more to finally get the courage to try to learn. So for my case I would say 2 years and 2 hours! (I have been told I am stubborn!) And I have about 12 inches of a scarf to show for it! ;D

How long did it take you to learn a new craft whether it was knitting, crochet, quilting or etc.?

Happy Knitting,