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Holistic Health and Nutrition…a Little Bit About How I Handle Them

I have been gradually increasing our family to include whole foods and decrease prepackaged goods for the past 5 years. I’ve studied holistic health and nutrition and have learned many things. Always a student is is my philosophy and I am always learning and wish to share with you what I’ve learned, past and present.

In my quest for health I’ve had to be as frugal as I could as we are only on one income and are not debt-free yet with 4 hungry kids.  I am not able to buy everything organic or get grassfed beef as I’d like to. We used to be blessed with raising chickens in a previous home but have not had the opportunity for a while. I sure do miss those yummy eggs! I do make almost everything from scratch including but not limited to macaroni and cheese, spaghetti sauce, anything baked and chicken stock. I use dry beans in our cooking as they are cheaper, have better flavor and no preservatives. With them I will also make refried beans and hummus, yum. My kids have always grown up with a diverse diet as I like to experiment with new recipes so I luckily don’t have to deal with picky eaters.

For first aid and colds I utilize herbs, herbal teas and extracts as the first line of defense or offense. If it cannot be handled at home I will take us to the doctor or emergency department. Before staying at home I was an RN and do respect what science and medicine has contributed but feel strongly that it should be only as necessary.



Walking Down Mountains and Healthy Living

My daughter has always had a desire to be healthy and fit, taking walks and running just for fun. She would even include her brothers and set up races and obstacle courses. Kyra has a passion for cooking as well and her repertoire is getting bigger and better.
Today she came up with a plan for getting fit and healthy with her brothers. She says to me “I’m going to have the boys stretch with me and go for a walk to the mailbox twice a day. Once in the morning after Bible and again in the afternoon”. Bear in mind that we are near the top of a mountain and our mailbox is about 3 blocks DOWN the mountain. So I agreed and asked her how she plans on knowing what exercises to teach them. “Oh, I will just do the same ones that I used to do when I went to public school”, was what she replied.
So I’m alone in the house, waiting for them to get back and I start thinking. (I know! Scary right?) ;D If she wants to take this on, then she needs to do it the right way. I told her that I wanted this to be her project and that she needed to do some research. As she learns about living healthy, she is to share with her brothers what she has learned. This will help her to own the information and her brothers to gain some important knowledge. This is a win-win situation in my book! I can’t wait to see how it unfolds!