Walking Down Mountains and Healthy Living

My daughter has always had a desire to be healthy and fit, taking walks and running just for fun. She would even include her brothers and set up races and obstacle courses. Kyra has a passion for cooking as well and her repertoire is getting bigger and better.
Today she came up with a plan for getting fit and healthy with her brothers. She says to me “I’m going to have the boys stretch with me and go for a walk to the mailbox twice a day. Once in the morning after Bible and again in the afternoon”. Bear in mind that we are near the top of a mountain and our mailbox is about 3 blocks DOWN the mountain. So I agreed and asked her how she plans on knowing what exercises to teach them. “Oh, I will just do the same ones that I used to do when I went to public school”, was what she replied.
So I’m alone in the house, waiting for them to get back and I start thinking. (I know! Scary right?) ;D If she wants to take this on, then she needs to do it the right way. I told her that I wanted this to be her project and that she needed to do some research. As she learns about living healthy, she is to share with her brothers what she has learned. This will help her to own the information and her brothers to gain some important knowledge. This is a win-win situation in my book! I can’t wait to see how it unfolds!


Book Review-A Mother’s Guide to Raising Healthy Children Naturally

A Mother's Guide to Raising Healthy Children--NaturallyA Mother’s Guide to Raising Healthy Children–Naturally by Sue Frederick
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I don’t agree with everything she presents but she doesn’t try to convince you of her opinion, just states what she’s found and I like that. I like being able to take what I want from a book without feeling pushed. A truly informative book! It will be one that is referred to often.

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Knitting Troubles and Starting Over

I have been working on a scarf and have made numerous uhoh’s. When completing new projects(or any projects for that matter) you typically take time to look at your work every so often to see how it is going. Last night was one of those ‘let’s see how it looks’ times and I took a good look at my handiwork. I’m not happy with what I saw, it has a handful of mis-knits(if that is such a word) and it doesn’t lay flat. I had told myself just to keep going and finish(my husband concurs) but since last night I have been having this gnawing feeling to rip all of the stitches out. But as I went to do it today my heart started palpitating and I had to stop. This usually isn’t an issue for me(having perfectionist tendencies and all) but this time was different. I realized how much time and effort I put into my knitted scarf and was hesitant to have to start over. What if my next try turns out as disastrous as the first? What if it turns out worse? Not wanting to make the wrong decision I frantically messaged my sister-in-law “help!”. I gave her the rundown and asked her opinion. An art piece to be reckoned with was her thoughts. Lol! So the final decision was made knowing that if a scarf can’t keep you warm it isn’t going to get worn.

My Take-Away? Sometimes it’s okay to start over. You begin with a fresh perspective knowing the lessons you learned and hopefully not making the same ones again. 🙂

So I’m off to knit a ‘new’ scarf, a better scarf…..


(I’ll keep you updated)

Scrapbook Saturday-The Franklin Gem and Mineral Museum

I thought it would be befitting to do a page on our first visit to the Franklin Gem and Mineral Museum since Kyra and Zach are now official members of the Gem and Mineral Society. Their great grandparents are so excited and have already been giving lessons in cabachoning, wire wrapping and beading to them. All of the boys have been engrossed in finding rocks since we moved here and have found tons of them. Lol!


Homeschooling For Us

This is the beginning of our fourth year in our homeschooling journey. Things have changed so much during this time of living and learning- from what I believed what it was to be “doing school” to how we raised our kids. Our first year was mainly a de-schooling year. We bought a complete curriculum that first year and barely used it, it just didn’t fit us(mainly my teaching style). Then we became more eclectic in our approach to schooling and we fared a little better. A couple of years ago I was introduced to Charlotte Mason and had started reading about her and her education philosophy. Her writings spoke directly to my heart and I knew that we were a kindred spirit. So I started to implement her philosophies to our lives little by little. In the spring of 2010 I planned on using Ambleside Online for our next school year’s teaching. I had quite a few of the books already(I’m a book junky) that I had gleaned from yard sales and secondhand stores and I purchased some that I knew I wouldn’t find. But by the time the school year started I had chickened out and we used other materials. That school year was hard work to get through.

This year we had no funds for purchasing more curriculum due to some unforeseen hardships, so I was led to try Ambleside Online again. I only needed math to buy so we drilled and played math games until we could get it. During the end of summer I planned out the entire year of school out weekly and put together their notebooks(I was still finishing it their first week back). I did excel sheets for me to put in my own notebook to check off also. We started off this year with a bang and we were off and running. After the first week my 13yo daughter says to me “I love this new curriculum!”. I asked the boys and they all agreed that they were enjoying learning. Wow, did I feel like supermom or what! We have now completed 5 weeks of the school year and are enjoying a little break.

Happy to be Homeschooling,