When You Have No Place To Go But Up!

Let me just begin by saying that this last year has been a really hard one, both physically(with chronic pain and illness), mentally and emotionally. I’m an optimist at heart but even optimists have their low moments. I’m at a place in life right now that I am struggling as to what to do next. I’m wanting to do so much because I have some energy right now that I’m stalled as to which one to start. Of course my family is a priority and I’ve continued to homeschool throughout our challenges and will continue to do so. For a couple years now I’ve had this insane urge to blog and sadly have not kept with it but I also want to read more and do more sewing, knitting and crafts. I have to figure a way to find time for everything, right? Because Super-Mom is my middle name right? WRONG! My family knows I’m not super-mom and they still love me. So why do I still try to be her? Pride, I guess. That sinisterly big emotion that creeps up on me from time to time. Do you get it too? I just need to dig down deep and do what my body and time allows and let everything else happen when it can. I can do that, I think.


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