New Year, New Life-Gluten Free

In the beginning of December our family decided to start living a gluten free lifestyle. For us the decision was based on family history, science and symptoms. I started out by trying to use what foods we already had and only purchasing gluten free foods to bring back into the home. This would give us some time for our bodies to adjust from being a whole wheat family to not ingesting any, also for our budget (who can throw food away?). When my sister-in-law heard of our plans she asked if I would co-author a blog about gluten free living. You see, she was recently diagnosed with Celiac Disease and wanted to share her trials and triumphs by blogging. I loved her ideas for the blog and agreed write my experiences and what I’ve learned and will learn. The blog’s name is Jokes On You(if you read our About the Crew page, you’ll understand why that’s it’s name).  I just wrote another article and thought I would share it with you at

Hope you enjoy it.

Enjoying Life,


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