Knitting Troubles and Starting Over

I have been working on a scarf and have made numerous uhoh’s. When completing new projects(or any projects for that matter) you typically take time to look at your work every so often to see how it is going. Last night was one of those ‘let’s see how it looks’ times and I took a good look at my handiwork. I’m not happy with what I saw, it has a handful of mis-knits(if that is such a word) and it doesn’t lay flat. I had told myself just to keep going and finish(my husband concurs) but since last night I have been having this gnawing feeling to rip all of the stitches out. But as I went to do it today my heart started palpitating and I had to stop. This usually isn’t an issue for me(having perfectionist tendencies and all) but this time was different. I realized how much time and effort I put into my knitted scarf and was hesitant to have to start over. What if my next try turns out as disastrous as the first? What if it turns out worse? Not wanting to make the wrong decision I frantically messaged my sister-in-law “help!”. I gave her the rundown and asked her opinion. An art piece to be reckoned with was her thoughts. Lol! So the final decision was made knowing that if a scarf can’t keep you warm it isn’t going to get worn.

My Take-Away? Sometimes it’s okay to start over. You begin with a fresh perspective knowing the lessons you learned and hopefully not making the same ones again. 🙂

So I’m off to knit a ‘new’ scarf, a better scarf…..


(I’ll keep you updated)


Care to add your thoughts? Questions?

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