Friday Night Family Movie for Free

Last Friday I was searching for a movie on Netflix and I remembered about the free family movie offered on The Homeschool Channel. So I looked on their website and found that The Sugar Creek Gang- The Great Canoe Fish was the free movie offered that night. I had heard of The Homeschool Channel for a while but never had the chance(mostly due to my lack of memory)to thoroughly check it out. As the kids played I went on the website to take a tour of the website. The first thing I noticed was that it has a video streaming on the front page, so I watched Ken Ham talk about dinosaurs(very informative, by the way). The next thing I noticed was the comments on the left sidebar. Most websites don’t receive much feedback in the comments field, this site was different . The comments were diverse and spanned from complimenting the site, to commenting on a particular video, to a thought that someone wanted to share. Below the streaming video is a calendar for the weeks schedule of videos or classes and one for the following week. And not only do they have streaming video, they also have on demand videos. The selection is incredible: science experiments, homeschooling high school, unit studies, crafts, etc. The Homeschool Channel also has it’s own community. You can log on and have your own page with inbox. There are blogs that have great information and a forum to ask questions and interact with others. I can’t recommend this free resource any higher for quality and content.

After perusing the site and watching Ken Ham the time came for the family movie. The kids and I sat down with our homemade kettle corn in hand-ready to enjoy the movie. We really enjoyed the movie and are looking forward to tonight’s Homeschool Family Movie Night movie The Sugar Creek Gang- The Race Against Nightfall.

Movie Mom,



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  1. Hi Vicki… I love this site too and we are new to it. Seems like every Fri when I go to check what is playing though… nothing… what’s up with that? We must have had plans last Fri and I didn’t check. Thanks for any input. Angela

    • I usually receive an email from them at the end of the week that let’s me know what the movie is. Last week I saw it on the calendar at the website but this week I don’t see it on there. I believe they ‘go on vacation’ so maybe you checked on one of those weeks. It is at 8pm every Friday night and you just have to go to their website home page to view it. I hope that helps!

  2. Pretty awesome, I didn’t know Netflix offered free family movies, thanks for the info! I’d like to recommend a good family movie: It’s called The Lamp and you can read reviews of it here:

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