How To Know That Your Kids Like A Book?

Throughout the year I try to have ongoing family reads for us before bedtime. Right now our family read aloud is The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame only this time I’m cheating a little(or being smart, hmm) and we’re using an audiobook from the library. Gotta love the local library! We finished the second chapter last night with the kids questioning “Is there a movie?”.  You see, for the past couple of years I instituted a rule that we cannot watch the movie until we read the book first. Boy that went over well, at first. Then they started realizing, after a couple of books, that the movies left out some really great parts and some weren’t even close to the original book. So now it’s kind of a little game we play….name the missing scenes. So don’t get the wrong impression….they love the book and that’s why they were excited to see if there is a movie too. So to answer my question “How to know if your kids liked a book?”… they ask to watch the movie!

So what is some of the ways that your kids show you that they like a book?

The Book Junky,



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