What “I’ll Make Dinner Tonight” Really Means

This morning after I was completely awake(not a morning person here) my mind went to one of it’s daily ponderings….dinner. As I mentioned this dilemma to my husband, he says “I’m making dinner tonight”. Well, you should’ve seen my eyes dance and smile light up at the sound of not having to make dinner. “Wow, thank you honey” was all I could say(not that he does it so infrequent, it was just perfect timing). The day goes on while the crock-pot simmers(yes, my man knows how to use it) and the wonderful aroma fills the home. Then it’s almost time for dinner. Hubby says, in so many words, that he doesn’t feel like making the rice. “Maybe we could just have tortilla chips with it?” He looks at me knowing that I wouldn’t want it and I answer “Fine(with a sigh and a smile), I’ll make the rice”. So what does I’ll make dinner really mean at 10 am in the morning? It means that they will put something in the crock-pot and not worry about it. And maybe when dinnertime comes….they will finish it. LOL!


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  1. I love it when my hubby cooks. I would much rather eat his cooking, than mine! He actualy cooked supper tonight for us. He grilled the meat and made mac-n-cheese. I am okay with that! LOL

  2. My husband does the grilling. Usually on Saturday or Sunday the we have leftovers during the week. He grills a couple items at a time to be more effecient with the propane and time.
    Good to hear from you Vicki. Had been thinking about all of you. Take care.

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