Something to think about….

“When home is ruled according to God’s word, angels might be asked to stay with us, and they would not find themselves out of their element.” Charles Spurgeon

When I think about this quote it brings a smile to my face. I envision my family sitting around a fireplace telling stories under blankets while sipping mugs of homemade hot cocoa. It’s so Norman Rockwell, I know. But the truth is that we don’t have a fireplace and the kids would find some way to pick on each other, interrupting the story, while I am scolding the hot cocoa on the stove. And yet, I am inspired to continue in our training. As parents we have to be obedient and consistently teach our children what is right and wrong. Parents have no greater calling than to diligently teach their children according to God’s word.


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  1. Hey Vicki and family! I was so glad to see your blog and catch up with you. So sorry that we didn’t get to see you before you left for NC and we were so sad. Jasmine says to tell Kyra hello and that she misses her and wishes that they could hang out. I pray for you and hope that everything works out for you all. I know that God is rejoicing in your decision to serve him and take this giant step out in faith! Also, I wanted to ask you if you were able to sell your sleep number bed or did you store it. I am looking for one and wondered about yours and if you really liked it or could tell a difference in your back after you got it. I went to the Sleep store and tried one out but was not able to get the credit to get it and was a little bummed. I will check your blog every day or two to see what you post and if I can do anything or pray for anything specific, just let me know. We will sure miss you being so far away, Sharon and Jasmine Collins

    • Thanks so much for leaving your thoughts. Right now we are in a holding pattern and just waiting for what’s next. You know the Lord, he only gives us little pieces at a time! 🙂 I believe that He knows not to give us too much at a time because we might freak out!! LOL

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