Hello blogging world!

This will be my feeble attempt to communicate the goings on in my brain full of spaghetti. I don’t know about you but I love spaghetti and so do my kids. The way the noodles fall off the fork and you twirl and twirl to get them back on….so fun! Anyways…my interests are varied; I live for the Lord, encourage my husband, homeschool our four children; I am a book junky, a healthy living nut keen on simple living, herbal student and recipe tester. And I don’t get paid for any of it!

I invite you to walk along the path of bloggerville with me and smell the stuffy air, touch the brittle keys and look outside your window!

From one life to another,



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  1. I love the site! I guess I would be the husband..hehe. I want to take a moment to let you guys know that you are all in for a wild ride! I will be checking in, in the comments of course to make sure that the KOOKY Ideas are not Contagious,J/K. I love my wife and I wanted you to know she is an encouragement to me everyday. I love you honey!

    • You are ‘TOOT SWEET’! So nice to see you here in MY domain! LOL! Watch out, cause I’m sure you will creep into my posts more than anyone would like. Don’t worry about being on your best behavior or anything, I don’t! 😉

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